2.2 Secondary School Information

Menu options {SCODE-1} and {SCAO1-5} were replaced by {SSCHL-1}, {SSCHL-2} and {SSCHL-3}.

Old menu option New menu option
{SCAO1-5} Secondary School Info. {SSCHL-1}
Secondary School Info. {SSCHL-1}
Address Communication Detail {SSCHL-2}
Address Communication List {SSCHL-2}
Examining Authority {SSCHL-3}
{SCODE-1} Maintain Secondary School Info. {SSCHL-1}
Maintain Secondary School Info. {SSCHL-1}
Address/Communication Detail {SSCHL-2}
Address/Communication List {SSCHL-2}
Examining Authority {SSCHL-3}

Secondary School Info {SSCHL-1}

Employer Addresses {GCS4-2}

School Address Info {SSCHL-2}

Examining Authority {SSCHL-3}

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