7.1 Limited Titles

List of Titles Limit the List of Titles on the Wizard to only those that have been marked Available on Web in {GCS-9}.
Document Upload Functionality to make the upload of specific documents required as set-up by the system administrator.
New SOD Add logic for new SOD “EA/OA” to when needed – only show the qualifications on the wizard that is eligible according to ARS. 

The {SMAIN-27} EP was redeveloped in the new technology in option {SMAIN-10}

  • Query the student Number in the Search Panel
  • Click on the Biographical Information link on the EP Menu
  • The Biographical Information link will display under EP Form
  • User can scroll up to see the rest of the data

Additional View functionality

Student Biographical Detail {SREGB-1}

  1. Click on the Create button to create records
  2. Required fields are indicated with blue *
  3. For new records, the address fields are available and must be entered

Some fields are only available for entry when new records are created, otherwise they are “display only”

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