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Extract HEMIS Student Data {HEMIS-1} 1. Create new element 107 (SAQA Qualification ID) in the QUAL file to be reported in the 3rd Student submission for 2018 reporting year. This element will extract from the ‘National Qualification ID’ field on {SACADO-7} – Approved Qualifications.

2.  Change {HEMIS-1} program to also print validation error ‘Student xxxxxxxxx external code for type MAT internal code 12 not found’ for undergraduate students with Matric Type code that does not exist on {GOPS-21}, external code type “”MAT’. This validation error currently only prints for FTEN status ‘F’ student records with no record on {GOPS-21}

3. Change {HEMIS-1} program to extract ‘Non-Resident Indicator’ = ‘Y’ to ‘FN’ (Foreign National) in the STUD file

4. Add development for the {HEMIS-1} program to change foundation ‘Y’ (element 106) to foundation ‘N’ where the student is registered for a second undergraduate qualification, after the student obtained the initial foundation qualification and the National Qualification ID is not the same for the graduated foundation qualification and the 2nd undergraduate qualification.

5. Enhancement of element 050 (Completed Research Course Credit Value):

Problem: With the new HEQSF, element 050 is now also populated for course level 45 (NQF Level 8 Research) modules. Previously only populated for Masters and Doctoral research course levels Valpac stores the completed research credit per qualification/subject in the CRED file and the {HEMIS-1} program extract the ‘Minimum Research Time’ captured on the Approved Qualification of the search subject. This situation assumes that there will only be one subject per qualification defined as a research module e.g. Masters and Doctoral qualifications. With the increased use of the research modules and the widening use of the completed research field, the situation can exist where research has been split over more than one module.

Solution: Create a new ‘Minimum Research Credit’ field on the curriculum as alternative to be used for element 050. Create new SOD Code ‘MR/RE’ on {SMNT-12} to determine extract rules for element 050. If SOD ‘MR\RE’ = ‘A’ or blank – Use the current logic to extract the Minimum Research Time of the Approved Qualification (IDNMINREST). If SOD ‘MR\RE’ = ‘M’ – Use the current logic to extract the ‘Minimum Research Time’ of the Approved Qualification (IDNMINREST) only for Masters & Doctoral (IBSMASDOC) Qualification Types and the new ‘Minimum Research Credit’ field to extract for research subjects linked to other qualification types. If SOD ‘MR\RE’ = ‘C’ – Use the new ‘Minimum Research Credit’ field to extract for all research subjects.

6. Add the new ‘Minimum Research Credit’ field in the Academic Structure copied program {SACAD-3}

User Action: set SOD Code MR/RE to use new extract rules for “

Extract HEMIS Student Data {HEMIS-1}

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