5. Lecturer iEnabler for Self-Service

The ITS Lecturer iEnabler system provides online real-time access to the ITS system, enabling academic staff of the institution to gain access through secure logons to the data of student groups assigned to them. The system also provides for the entering of test and examination marks in various formats directly into the ITS system. Navigation throughout the Lecturer iEnabler system is user-friendly with drill-down facilities and the availability of summarized or detailed information where applicable. All formats of class lists can be exported to MS Excel and saved to the desktop with the click of a button.

5.1 Timetable information 

Personal timetable information, as entered in the ITS system, can be viewed by individual academic staff. The details displayed include information on class groups per timetable period, as well as the location (building, floor and room number) where the lectures are to be presented.

5.2 Class lists and student biographical information 

Class lists of student groups assigned to the staff member can be viewed and printed in either alphabetical or numerical order. Drill-down facilities allow lecturing staff to view student biographical information, including student photographs as carried in the Oracle database. Class lists with student photos can be provided.

Lecturing staff can view academic programme and course/subject/module information of students assigned to them, using the Lecturer iEnabler system. School leaving information as well as information on the submission of certificates required by the institution, can also be viewed.  Cass lists that include test and assignment marks are available and the full period and examination mark calculation criteria are displayed. The average and standard deviation is Automatically calculated by the system and displayed per test. 

5.3 Entering of test/assignment and examination marks

The ITS Lecturer iEnabler system provides for the entering of test/assignment and examination marks directly into the standard ITS system. Marks entered through the Lecturer iEnabler system as primary marks can be validated for correctness by entering the same marks through the secondary mark entry mechanism in the standard ITS system. Marks can be entered either alphabetically or numerically per class group or examination group. Mark entry in random order is also available for the entry of examination marks. 

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