4. Procurement Management System

This module caters for the purchasing of non-stock items, purchasing of stock items, the, payment of creditors and all related transactions. All processing is performed at item level. One creditor’s account can be split into any number of user defined sections (account types) e.g.  a creditor can have an institution purchasing account and a SRC purchasing account. Multiple addresses and contact information (telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, telex numbers, etc.) can be stored per creditor. Other information in respect of creditors that is maintained includes basic biographical details, grouping of creditors in types and categories, business form and sector, detail of commodities supplied, discounts offered, payment method, banking details, credit terms, contract information, contact persons and documentation to be submitted by creditors e.g.  Tax clearance certificates. The payment methods allowed for are cheques, national and international drafts, EFT payments, and journal transfers for internal creditors.

The purchases and deliveries process makes provision for:

  • Entering requisitions and facilities to copy requisitions to orders
  • Entering of orders by line-item detail.  The value of the order is recorded as a commitment in the system. Printing of orders is facilitated.
  • Standing or repeating orders.
  • Orders to foreign suppliers and the resulting transactions in the currency of the supplier.
  • The processing of goods received vouchers (GRV’s), supplier returns and delivery notes.
  • Budget control can be performed using various user defined methods.

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