Milestones and Timelines

ITS Integrator going forward will focus on a combination of functional and technical enhancements and we will give you feedback every 4 to 6 months on process and benefits such as:

  • Improved usability for end-users (user experience)
  • Enhanced support for ad-hoc management needs
  • Improved ability of self-service applications
  • Improved enabled use of web and cloud or mobile devices
  • Continuous improvements in enriched functionality based on feedback from our clients, advice from industry experts and our own research.

We are committed to the continuous improvement of functionality of the ITS Integrator system to enhance the richness of functionality and security in major business areas to your benefit.


Please note that we have an SLA of 8 hours response time from the time an email is received.

Finalising an incident: If no response received from client in 3 days, an incident will be finalised by support as per SLA.

Term Definition
Incident Any unplanned interruption that impacts on the usage of ITS Integrator products and services. This may be because of user error or program error.
SLA Service Level Agreement
Sensitive Program A program that is normally checked by a technical specialist as defined on the program repository {ITSIPS-2 Tab1}