1. Introduction

The Integrator 4.1 user interface consists of Oracle forms and ADF task flows. ADF task flows are web based application that makes use of the Model View Controller architecture that allows for different views of data to be presented, for example, web page format. The ADF modern technology guarantees our clients long-term benefits from their investment in the system.  Our objective is to continuously improve the functionality of the Integrator system based on valuable feedback from clients, recommendations from industry experts and evidence from our research. For example, iEnabler products are also now accessible on mobile devices. System modules are continuously evaluated therefore, irrelevant functional options were discontinued.

The move from Integrator 3 to Integrator 4 is technology driven and implies the following:

  • Current technology will become obsolete as FORMS, Internet Explorer and Java Applets are desupported.  FORMS screens are being redeveloped in ADF technology.
  • Reports will be redeveloped in JASPER, which is a reporting and Business Intelligence tool.
  • ADF will ensure compatibility with new technologies that become available.

There is a strong move towards the use of the Entry Point (EP) concept to give users a 360-degree view of the information related to the entities they work with.  This was done in favour of the Integrator 3 concept of multiple blocks and/or drilldowns in Forms programs.

This manual outlines the enhancements made to various applications in the GenCore System.

Note: For INT3 to INT4.1 look and feel changes, kindly refer to the Interface Manual. It is advisable to initially read through this enhancement manual in order to get a general feel of how INT4.1 will work going forward. The manual also details the navigation process into the system and EP forms.

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