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The report uses the settings from {PLCS-2} Leave Types to extract the information.

To run this report, proceed to {PLOPR1-5} Statistics on Leave Taken.

Please note that it is only when an email address has been incorrectly captured that it would be edited. If the personnel member has a new email address it would be inserted from the date that it became effective.

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Go to menu {PAOPR2-24} -Personnel per Department.

If the Work Placement Officer is responsible for maintaining of the code structures, employers & reporting to DHET, the following menu options will be needed:

Academic Structure
{SACAD-13 & 14} – viewing privileges
Employer Information & Student Placements & Cooperative Records
{COOP-2 to 10}, {COOP-21, 23, 24, 26} – Updating Privileges
Code Structure
{COOPC-1 to 10}, {COOPC-21 to 27} – Updating Privileges
{COOPCR-1 to 11} & {COOPR-1 to 12, 21 to 30} – Updating Privileges

Data Capturers only need access to the following;
{COOP-4 & 5} – Updating Privileges

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