3.2 Display on Personnel iEnabler Claims

Below are some examples of the iEnabler screens and emails that are generated.

Example: Click routing number for that claim 

3.2.1 Query Contract Claims

3.2.3 Viewing and Submitting Secondary Contract Claims

Querying “Appointment Contract Claims” for submission on behalf of an Employee.

Following screen displays:

To submit the iEnabler Claim:

  • Enter:
    • Date
    • Time from and To
    • Amount
    • Upload Documents
    • Insert Comments and “Save”

3.2.4 Maintain Documents:  Claim Supporting Documentation

3.2.5 Approve Contract Claims

3.2.6 Email Sent to Applicant

3.2.7 Query Claim Submitted

Example: Click Routing Number for that Claim

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