3.1 Introduction

Personnel iEnabler – Secondary Contract Claims was developed to streamline personnel submission of claims, rather than the manual desk to desk tedious process.

3.1.1 Run Cycle Control File (FPRM-2}

Event Type “H” – “Cycle for Web Claims Entry” has an influence on the submission of claims in the following:

  • Current Cycle for which claims may be submitted;
  • Future claim cycles, and
  • History cycles

On Final Approval, Event Type ‘H’, validates if cycle is closed and will increase the cycle if “Contract End Date” permits.  If not, a Claim is created with a status of “Approved by not Final”.

3.1.2 Maintain System Operational Definitions {FPRM-9}

3.1.3 iEnabler Rejection Reason Code Structure {PACS2-3}

3.1.4 Code Structure to Define iEnabler Claims Rules {PACS2-14}

These rules enable the submission of claims by first validating them to the Rule Types.

  • Submission of Claims validated against the rules of Claim Type set in {PACS2-12} linked to the Contract.
  • New code structure Table to define iEnabler Claim Rejection Reason {PACS2-13}.
  • Supporting Documents per row, validated to rules of Claim Type set in {PACS2-12}.
  • Validate date and time format for claim captured / maintained.

3.1.5 iEnabler Claims – Routing Type “PACL”

Routing Type “PACL”:  Additional functionality has been added to enable to include the email address and personnel number of an applicant’s supervisors up to three levels upwards, to the Routing Request instruction lines.

3.1.6 Secondary Appointments {PAOP-2}

“Advanced” has been added for a more detailed search functionality and the “Export to Excel” to exporting of data.

When defining a new Secondary Contract, the user will set the “Claim Type”.  Claim Type field forced to be entered on {PAOP-2} for new record and existing record based on new SOD ‘CF / HR’ set to Y.

Validation Rules

Program will:

  • Not force user to enter claim rule field if available amount is R 0.00, for the existing record.
  • Force user to enter claim rule field if available amount is more than R 0.00, for the existing record.
  • Force user to enter claim rule field if new record is inserted.

3.1.7 Maintain Claims {FPRC-1}

“Claim Type”, is used for the processing of the claims.  Claim to be captured / maintained in a Date and Time format (multiple Rows), in {FPRIC-1} and iEnabler claims based on SOD ‘CF / HR’ set to Y.  It is defined entered on Secondary Appointments {PAOP-2}.

Details of Claims submitted are below.

If claims are being processed in a “Date: Time” format, the above screen displays.  On Commit, the claims are summed and displayed on the standard screen. If, not the standard screen will display.

3.1.8 Maintain Business Functions {PWEBM-1}

Example of display on Personnel iEnabler.

3.1.9 Maintain Default Request Information {GROU-1}

The Routing Entry Type is “PACL”, which may be adjusted per institution requirements.  See an extract of steps that may be included.

A diagram of the process may be as below:

The following information is written away to Seq 0 and can be used in the contents of the email:

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