18. Jasper Reports and Menu Movements


Current Jasper Report Menu Old RDF Report Menu
GCSR1-26 Magis. Dist./Geogr. Areas GCSR1-41 Old Magis. Dist./Geogr. Areas
SACADR-2 Qualification Report SACADR-32 Old Qualification Report
SACADR-22 List of Qualifications/Subjects SACADR-42 Old List of Qualifications/Subjects
SMNTA-1 Enrolment Validations on Qual/Subjects SMNTA-11 Old Enrolment Validations on Qual/Subjects
SMNTL-5 Print Acad Struct/Validation Log SMNTL-35 Old Print Acad Struct/Validation Log
SMNTL-7 History Changes Log File SMNTL-37 Old History Changes Log File
SNAPP-21 Alpha/Numeric Report SNAPP-41 Old Alpha/Numeric Report
SNAPP-27 Applications Statistics SNAPP-47 Old Applications Statistics
SREGR1-3 List of Registered Students SREGR1-33 Old List of Registered Students
SREGR1-4 Qualification Cancellation List SREGR1-34 Old Qualification Cancellation List
SREGR1-5 Exam Only Registrations SREGR1-35 Old Exam Only Registrations
SREGR-26 Certificate Seen Report SREGR-56 Old Certificate Seen Report
SSTUD2-21 Marks/Exam. Admission Validate SSTUD2-41 Old Marks/Exam. Admission Validate
SSTUD2-22 Exam Paper Marks Validation SSTUD2-42 Old Exam Paper Marks Validation
SSTUD2-23 Exam/Final Marks/Results Valid. SSTUD2-43 Old Exam/Final Marks/Results Valid.
SSTUR1-1 Exam Paper List SSTUR1-31 Old Exam Paper List
SSTURL-3 Biographical Class Lists SSTURL-31 Old Biographical Class Lists
STIME1-1 Lecturers Timetable for an Individual STIME1-11 Old Lecturers Timetable for an Individual
STIME1-2 Lecturers Timetable for a Department STIME1-12 Old Lecturers Timetable for a Department
STIME1-3 Lecturers Timetable for a Faculty/School STIME1-13 Old Lecturers Timetable for a Faculty/School
STIME1-4 Lecturers Timetable for the Whole Institution STIME1-14 Old Lecturers Timetable for the Whole Institution
STIMER-3 T/Table Per Build./Floor/Room STIMER-33 Old T/Table Per Build./Floor/Room
STIMER-4 T/Table Per Subject/Group STIMER-34 Old T/Table Per Subject/Group
USERSR-1 Menu Codes USERSR-31 Old Menu Codes
USERSR-6 Users Who Have Resigned USERSR-36 Old Users Who Have Resigned

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