9.1 Menu options converted to ADF


Menu Changes Made Install Script User Action
Query Residence Registrations {SREG-11} This is a new option that only allows data to be queried. None Grant Access
Academic Application Information for Residence Applications {SRESIDE-60} New menu option None Grant Access
Available Buildings Validation Report {SRESIDE-61} New menu option None Grant Access
Residence Application / Admission {SRESIDE-10} “Introduce a new SOD “”S6/RR – Stop Residence Appl/Reg”” to activate or de-activate the validation against the number of academic registrations with the qualification’s formal time

Implement new rule validations based on Faculty.”

Added a text field for comments.

Differentiate between when applying at the end of one year for registration in the next year and when you are applying for a residence in the same year as you are going to register in. 

None None

Query Residence Registration {SREG-11}

Residence Application / Admission {SRESIDE-10}

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