2. Leave Management

The Leave Subsystem allows the creation of any number of leave packages, each with its own set of
leave types with the policy for each type.

The system can calculate leave credits according to a number of formulas, and maintains detailed leave records.

If the Payroll System is implemented, Earnings related to the Selling (Encashment) of Leave by
Personnel Members may be automatically calculated and included in Salaries of Personnel.

Among the information reported is:

  • The calculation of financial leave provision
  • Sick leave pattern analysis
  • Various reports to assist with the management of leave.

Leave Application and Approval using self-service

This module which is part of the Personnel self-service allows personnel of the institution to
electronically apply for leave in leave categories as applicable to the individual personnel member.
Submitted applications are automatically routed to the supervisor/senior of the leave applicant, who
is advised through e-mail that a leave application is pending for review.

The supervisor either approves or rejects the leave application directly on the Personnel i Enabler system. The applicant is
advised electronically that the application has been reviewed and that the outcome can be viewed.

Multiple routes can be set up to support business processes where two or more individuals approve
a leave application. The Human Resources Department is electronically advised of leave approvals.
The HR department has functionality to finally review the approved leave. The system is supported by a number of parameters allowing the institution to customise the application to their business processes. A Leave Calendar is available to give a holistic view to the member of personnel of all leave applied for and approved in a calendar year. This facility can be used for leave applications.
The institution can link personnel, who doesn’t have access to computer facilities to use for
submitting leave applications, to a designated person who can then apply for leave on their behalf.
The leave system further provides for an applicant to sell leave back to the institution.

Personnel can electronically obtain a salary pro-forma, based on the salary-related information in the system,
indicating the value of the number of day’s leave they wish to sell back to the institution. Based on
this information the member of personnel can then proceed with their application to sell leave.

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