8. Payroll System

The ITS Integrator Payroll system is kept up to date, and updates are distributed regularly to simplify
compliance with South African Statutory Requirements including:

  • The calculation of Personal Tax and the production of Tax Certificates
  • Tax- and IRP5 Look-up tables
  • Reporting to Government Departments
  • Automatic calculation of Skills Levy and the corresponding report.
  • Automatic calculation of and production of the Workman’s Compensation report

The system offers the following features:
An unlimited number of user-defined earnings and/or deductions may be used

  • A number of different "Calculation Methods" is available to calculate the relevant amount
    for each Earning/Deduction
  • Maintenance is minimised by Earning- and Deduction Structures for groups of personnel,
    with only exceptions indicated per personnel member
  • The system fully supports the payment to outside providers such as
    • Pension- and Provident Funds
    • Medical Aid
      • Employer- and Employee Contributions values may set up on “Global” (group) level,
        detail will be determined by a combination of personal information and values from
        look-up tables
  • Multiple pay runs and – frequencies are available
  • A rollback facility which allows re-calculation for all personnel or only selected individuals
  • A powerful pro forma payslip facility which simplifies the handling of queries
  • Automated general salary increase and back-pay facilities
  • Multiple salary notch scale ranges and automatic salary notch increases within scale ranges
    extensive reporting for trouble shooting and reconciliation with the ITS Integrator General
    Ledger, tax certificates, et cetera
  • Extensive reporting for management information purposes
  • On-line submission and approval of salary claims, for personnel remunerated on a “Pay-By-
    Claim” basis is available in the Personnel i Enabler. Claims are validated against Secondary
    Appointment Contracts to ensure that pre-approved expenditure is not exceeded.

Integration with other ITS Integrator Modules

  • Fully Integrated with the ITS Integrator Human Resource System
    • Appointment Types, Service Records, Ranks, Posts, Fund Membership and
      Dependents as maintained in the HR. System are used.
    • Salary Claims by Contracted Personnel may be controlled not to exceed contract
      value(s) (Refer to HR. System-Secondary Appointment Contracts)
  • Fully Integrated with the ITS Integrator General Ledger
    • Seamless Posting (Multiple Postings per General Ledger Cycle)
    • Full Reconciliation Reports
  • ITS Integrator Student Debtors
    • Automatic generation of salary deductions for tuition fees
  • ITS Integrator Student System
    • Automatic generation of salary claims for the assessment of assignments submitted
      by students

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